The semi-dedicated hosting, delivered by Shared Web Hosting by BlackLab Hosting are a amazing website hosting solution. Take a look at their video presentation.

Every one of our semi–dedicated servers are located in our advanced data center in the US. This data center found in the center of Chicago provides unequalled power and cooling solutions. They have likewise set up a broad peering network with many other data centers as well as network providers, equally locally and throughout the world. This means, that it gives you second to none connectivity levels.

The particular semi–dedicated servers are created on the top of an SE Linux, a particular safety enhanced sort of Linux, which has been furthermore heavily designed by Shared Web Hosting by BlackLab Hosting’s sys admins. It means that you’ll be able to feel safe along with your semi–dedicated server – there aren’t any viruses and trojans on the machines. Along with resources like ModSecurity, your web sites and then web applications can be immediately shielded from the most typical hacker assaults. Each and every server also offers adequate CPU and MySQL usage quotas, sufficient to power any specific website or app.

Every semi–dedicated server will come with our custom Website Control Panel. It’s filled with usable tools and absolutely free bonuses, that will help you take your website one stage further.